Monday, January 25, 2016

Back to School - Organization tips

It is once again the start of a new semester and that means getting our lives back together after the holiday vacation and having to be an adult again haha. Here is what I do to get organized at the start of every semester.
1. Always have a planner. I have been preaching this since I started my blog. I feel like one of the most essential tools in staying organized is a planner. You can use a paper planner, which is what I prefer, or you can use the calendar on your phone, or the plethora of apps out there designed for saying organized and on track. I'm currently testing out a few.
      *Look at your planner every day. This is where a lot of people fail, a planner isn't of any use if you don't utilize it.

2. Have at least one tab, or folder, for each class. My personal preference for organizing papers or handouts is through the use of a good old 3-ring binder. But, I know many people prefer to just use notebooks and folders. Regardless, I think it is important to keep the handouts and notes for each class separate so that way everything is easy to find, and you aren't digging through a jumbled mess of papers later.
      *This being said, if you are using a binder, I would suggest keeping one of the in-binder hole punchers handy so that way you can hole punch everything on the spot.

3. Use the syllabus to your advantage. The first thing I always do at the start of the semester is go through and look at the due dates. Most professors put an assignment outline/calendar on the syllabus which, although is subject to change, is one of the best tools the teachers can give you. I always go through and write the deadlines in my planner so that way I have all my dates in one place and can be able to plan ahead.

4. Have the right tools. I usually always make sure I have a couple different color pens and highlighters. Also, make sure you go through your pens and make sure they all work because I have done this on the first day of school, going to use a highlighter and having it not work.

Hope these tips help, let me know what your back to school routine is.

Good luck,