Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday Favorites: Things from Tumblr

Hey everyone, I feel bad for not having posted anything lately. My schedule/queue post setting is being weird and I just realized it didn't post anything I had I will be back posting those.

Life has been crazy hectic lately. I had Grand Bethel and Anime Expo back to back and I have also been working 9.5-10.5 hour days at work lately! I hope you have all been having a good time and are happy its Friday!

I wanted to just do a cute and simple favorites post about my favorite things from Tumblr recently. So here we go!

1. I  personally love panda's and this is so adorable!

2. I everyone loves a David Tenant derp face!

3. This reminds me so much of high school
here is the fixed GIF: 

4. This series was so adorable! Plus its dragons!

5. I was such a huge N'Sync fan and this made me laugh. Whoever did this deserves cupcakes!

6. These popped up in this order on my feed. Excellent coincidence or master planning?

7. The description says it all folks.

 8.And then there are cats in tanks...