Monday, March 24, 2014

One day vacation and the jerks who pulled the fire alarm!

Good Morning everyone! So since I just finished my spring break (yes I know it is early and I will explain why in a minute) I thought I would give you guys a brief update on what I did this weekend.

So first off, why is my spring break so early? Well its a simple answer and its not "just because my school is weird."  It is actually because we have two eight week long sessions (as well as a 16 week session which is the main length of classes and the spring break is right in the middle of the two eight weeks.  Simple as that.

Now on to the main event! haha. I had a very last minute road trip this weekend to Nor Cal.  My aunt was going to drive up my cousin's girl scout cookie orders because it would be far too much to mail them.  But when she took her car in to get her tires changed they found a hole in her radiator.  So, me, Johnny and my aunt drove up to see her for a day. We left at like 8pm on Friday night and arrived at about 2am and checked into Motel 6.

My aunt and I spent the day with my cousin and baby cousin Christian. He has gotten so big! I can't believe he turned 21 months when we were up there! Update: he is now talking up a storm and loves pancakes (a.k.a. Cake Cakes) and is such a goof! When we first got there he was a little shy and it took him a while to remember me but he let me pick him up out of his high chair after breakfast and carry him to the car.

So after spending the day with them Ursula had to go to work and we went back to the Motel to relax and I wound up passing out for about an hour and a half.  For dinner we went to eat at the Cheesecake Factory where she works and had yummy dinner! For the record, I LOVE Cheesecake Factory!

After eating we had to say goodbye and end our very short visit/vacation.  I really hate good byes.

Getting back to the Motel at about 10 we finally got to bed about 10:30. Then about a half hour later I was getting shaken awake and told the Motel might be on fire as the fire alarm was blaring outside our room (litterally right outside the room). Rushing out of bed I tried grabbing our stuff to throw in the car to keep it safe...Come to find out......some punk kid pulled the fire alarm and had been standing next to the gas station across the street laughing...

I was NOT a happy camper and murderous tendencies were definetly present.

Moving on, that was taken care of and we had to wake up at 2am to drive home because I had a competition for Jobies the next day, oh joy. I unfortunatly didn't do as well as I hoped but I still moved on the the finals and I will now be practicing my butt off!

All in all a pretty busy and exauhsting weekend.

Hope you all had a great weekend!
<3 Kimmie