Friday, June 14, 2013

Road trip and ferrets!

So I got sto do something very special for my birthday. Me and three friends went on a 2 day road trip to Arizona.

We left at about 10pm on my birthday on Tuesday and drove till about 2am which is when we decided to stop at a rest stop and nap for an hour ha ha ha. By the time we got to Phoenix we were so tired we just crashed at a Motel 6 and slept!

It was HOT, HOT, HOT!!! But I was able to pick up a few cards to start a new Magic the Gathering deck :) nerdaliciousness! Aww yeah!

I think it is kind of funny to say that we spent most of our time in Arizona eating. We went to a all you can eat sushi bar and buffet, got Howies Pizza (they have different crusts in the same way SubWay has different bread to choose from) and, of course, Craker Barrel!

There are no Craker Barrels in California so this was one of the places I absolutly wanted to stop. I would always go to Craker Barrel when I was in Kentucky with family but I haven't been to one in at least five years. Just seriously, look at this food! There dumplings are TO DIE FOR!
The other reason I love Craker Barrel is because the front is pretty much always lined with rocking chairs and the giant checker boards. 

 The other reason we went to Phoenix was to pick up my boyfriends things, including, 2 ferrets. Meet Kiki (white/girl) and Zero (black/boy). They are so adorable! And extremely hyper active when awake.
I have nicknamed Kiki little shit, because she doesn't get it to trouble often, but when she does, she is in big trouble. And Zero's nickname is little rascal, or derp. That is because he likes to get into things (like alcohol! Yes we have an alcoholic ferret! ha ha ha) and he likes to be an idiot and fall off things (icluding the levels inside his cage), attach towels and the vacum cleaner.

All in all it was a pretty good birthday present to myself and I had a lot of fun!