Monday, June 24, 2013

Christian's First Birthday

This past weekend I got to go up to Pleasnton for Christian's First Birthday party. It was a Hawian Luau themed party. It was really exciting because the weekend turned out to be a mini family reunion. We had three generations of our familyt there and I got to meet my cousin Kevin's kids for the first time. (His oldest is almost nine, thats how long it has been!) Here is the big birthday boy!

Unfortunatly he was fussy all day long and didn't want to be held or picked up by anyone who wasn't mom, dad or grandparent. But it was pretty funny watching him try and throw a nerf ball that was almost as tall as he is. My cousin Ursula made him his own little cake and he was hesitant and didn't know what to do at first and finally just started grabbing at the cake and the frosting. He was so covered in blue frosting we were cracking jokes that he had turned into a smurf. Little tip I found out at his party, baby's like playing with the tissue paper more that what comes wrapped up inside it! After his party my cousin Kevin, his kids and parents and my mother, sister and I went to the Denny's by our hotel and just caught up. It was really amazing to see all of us in one place and actually feel like a family. (side note there was a huge accident by the Denny's!) Then spent "cousin time" with Kevin watching Wild Wild West in our hotel room. Now we have all come together and decided on the planning of a legit family reunion in August 2014 at Montery Bay! Woop! Super excited :) I have to say I was pretty proud of myself that I drove at least 70% of the trip and did a darn good job at it! But I really hate that long 2-lane stretch of the I-5 that just goes through the middle of no where. SNOOZE-FEST!!! Another long weekend over with and time for some good sleep recovery! Goodnight world!
(From left to right: my aunt Linda and Uncle Arnie, the super tall guy is there son Kevin, Ursula holding Christian, below her are Kevin's kids, my aunt Mary (Ursula's mom), my sister Sam, my mom and me.)