Thursday, January 24, 2013

I'm back!

Hey blogging world! So I know I kinda went AWOL for a bit, here's what I was up to: 

I experienced extreme stress (and still am) over college applications and now scholarships. I don't think I've ever talked about myself that much! First of all, I hate writing essays to begin with so that was not fun at all. But thankfully they are all submitted and that is such a huge weight off my shoulders...but unfortunately it has been replaced with scholarships. But on the bright side, scholarships mean cheaper college for me :)
I got to go see my family and have a wonderful time on Christmas! My family actually all got along which is an achievement and, in typical Clark fashion, we were completely insane! My aunt always makes the best food and this year we had her famous mash potatoes, ham, spicy chicken and so much more! 

To wrap up the major events, I drove with my aunt up to Pleasanton to visit my cousin Ursula and finally meet my adorable little Christian :) he is such a flirt and has accepted the fact that he is just to cute. I mean seriously, look at this adorable little boy right here: 
 Isn't he adorable? He has such an active personality for being six months (now seven) old. And on top of that, I missed my cousin (Christian's mom) so much, she is more like my sister to me than a cousin. (So much so that I've actually called Christian my nephew a couple times!)  I feel so blessed that I got the opportunity to bond with him and spend a weekend with both Christian and Ursula, it reminded me how important my family is to me.
 Oh, almost forgot! There was one major change while I was up in Pleasanton! *drum roll* 

 That's right I cut my hair! And I decided that I wanted to do something drastic to symbolize how much my life is changing and that I vow to make those changes for the best! I learned a valuable lesson: I can waste my life trying to make everyone else happy but at the end of the day my own happiness is what matters the most. So sometimes I may have to make some difficult choices but in the end I will to what is best for me and leads towards the brightest future.

Have a wonderful day, from my wacky life to yours :)