Friday, February 13, 2015

Why I Have Trouble with Change!

So in life one of the hardest things for me is to deviate away from the "plan" I have in my head. And even though logically and rationally I know that isn't always the best thing but I have been this way for a while. The reason I decided to post about this is because I am going to be moving within the next several months and the trepidation of said move is really starting to get to me.

To get personal, I think the biggest reason why I am like this is because when I was younger, after my dad left things were constantly going downhill, or going wrong, or just something new was always falling apart. So in order to help me cope I created this plan in my mind to help me get through the day or just help me get through life. I thought that if I followed this plan and keep myself on track that everything would be ok and work out.

Admittedly I do have pretty bad anxiety and abandonment issues that I am fairly certain play into how stressed changed me so that is something I am working through on my own. But here are a few of the things that help me work through anxiety and accept change more:

- Look on the bright side. I don't know about you guys but one of the bad habits I have when it comes to change is freak out about all the negative things and things that could go wrong as if I am planning for failure. I am constantly needing to remind myself that change is a good thing and could potentially make my life exponentially better.

- Get a support system. Thankfully I will be moving up by family and my best friend is transferring to San Fransisco State in the fall which is only about two hours away from where I will be living. So I will have her and two of my family members all within an hour - two hour drive away. Plus my cousin is the one reminding me of how this will be good for me. Much needed at this point!

- Take a breath! Another one of my big problems is taking on more than I can handle or trying to fix everything around me rather than ever taking the time to realize that I have to take care of myself. That is why this move is such a pivotal point in my life, because I am doing something that will be the best for me in the long run even if at the moment I feel like burying myself under a blanket and running from it. I have to remind myself that my health, sanity and well being is and always will be the most important thing and I have to take care of myself even if it is hard emotionally.

I hope these few tips helped you guys or maybe you could relate in some way, shape, or form. If you have any tips or advice to help with dealing with the stress of change please let me know in the comment section!

Hugs from my computer screen to yours!
<3 Kimmie