Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Pros and Cons of Online Courses

Ok, so now that your in college you will be in charge of your own schedule and planning out the classes to take. When looking at the available classes you are presented with a choice, take classes traditionally or online. So what do you chose? Now a-days more and more classes are being offered online, but are online classes really better than traditional classes?

Flexibility: When it comes to online courses there is more flexibility provided to students, especially those who do have full time jobs because it allows for planning around your schedule, where as traditional classes there is a set time. You can move at your own pace, plus, who doesn't like the idea of taking a class in your pajamas.

Telecommuting: One of the major pluses to online courses would be not having to worry about being close campus, or if you are someone who travels a lot or has medical issues you wouldn't have to worry about potentially missing classes often. This also fits in with the flexibility aspect.

Discipline: One of the most difficult aspects of online classes is discipline. You have to take charge and actually make sure that you watch any videos, review any lecture slides or material that is posted for you. It is very easy to forget about staying up to date with class material since there are no regular class times to attend. You do need to consider if you have the discipline required to stay active with an online class.

Social: Another argument presented revolves around the seeming lack of social interaction with online classes that you would get with a traditional in class experience. In addition, you would have relatively less access to your professor with an online course.

Feedback: If you have a question, rather than simply meeting with your teacher and getting it answered, you have to wait for an email or message board response.

Technological Challenges: You always have to understand that there may be technical issues with the server, portal, your computer, etc. These are road bumps that you should have a back up plan for.

I hope these pros and cons helped someone out there understand online classes more and see if you want to take an online class and make the decide, online vs traditional?

As always, good luck!
<3 Kimmie