Wednesday, December 17, 2014

My First Coastal Scents Order and UD Naked Palettes Dupes

Hey everyone,

Was super excited when I got home from work today to discover the spoils of Black Friday online shopping had finally arrived.

Ordered the two Revealed Palettes, a blending brush and two single shadows or "Hot Pots."

The two Revealed palettes I have been wanting to pick up for quite some time as I have heard a lot of people say that they are dupes for the three Urban Decay Naked palettes. You can check out several blog posts about this here, here and here. I really like these palettes and have been using them literally every day since I got them a about a week ago. There are some shades that are a bit chunky or powdery, but overall the shadows are very bendable and I like the texture and overall feel of them. Normally these palettes retail for $19.95 each.

So far I am really loving the hot pots, I bought mine in Flesh Tone which is described as "a neutral pale, beige hue with a golden shimmer finish", and Dark Chocolate which is a "warm, deep taupe hue with a satin finish." They are super creamy and bendable and I think that they are just absolutely incredible quality for the price. These individual shadows are only $1.95 each at full price, I got them on sale for 50% off so they came out to 97 cents each. They are very comparable to Mac or Makeup Geek eyeshadows. Certainly worth trying.

Both the individual shadows and palettes have pretty decent lasting power on there own and longer when paired with a primer. The longest I have worn these were for 12 hours, maybe longer, and they held up to the challenge of my long and busy days.

Finally, I picked up the Pro Fluff Blending Brush because it looked vary comparable to the Mac 217 and I figured I would give it a try. Full price is $4.95. It works really well to blend my transition or crease shade and it doesn't make my shadows patchy or anything. It is made from goat hair so if that is a problem for you, letting you know. The hairs are a bit scratchy but I used a bit of conditioner on the brush and it didn't scratch any more.

Keep in mind that Coastal Scents do have sales fairly often so if you are looking to try something there is a high chance you can get it for cheaper.

So overall I am loving the results of this order. I hope you got some useful information or tips out of this review and talk to you later.

<3 Kimmie