Monday, August 5, 2013

Scholarships Never End!

So most people think that the only time they can apply for scholarships is during "Scholarship Season" which usually goes along with college applications and runs betweens December to May. But guess what? That is so not true! While the bulk of scholarships are available during that season, you can find them year round! Honestly, scholarships search engines will save you a lot of time and effort. My best friend for scholarships has been Like most of these search engines you enter in some of your general iformation and it finds scholarships that you should be elegable for. I have gone through several search engines and they're ok, but just over all, I like the interface and just the set up of FastWeb. Another close second that I use off and on is (which is advertised on Fastweb). So I think I have applied to at least 20 scholarships and I have won two (not including the ones I got from FAFSA and my college.) I have to say I am extremely thankful that I have been able to get as much financial aid as I have. My school's "sticker price" which includes some estimated costs was $40,000, and thanks to financial aid and scholarships aprox. 90% of the cost for my freshman year has been covered. I swear I preach to people to make sure to apply for the FAFSA, Cal Grant, and as many scholarships as you can get your hands on (and make sure to pay attention. You may have to write some essays and It will make your life so much easier, and help you keep your wallet a little happier!