Friday, August 23, 2013

My First Week of College!!!

Hey guys, so I just got done with my first week of college!!! I know, exciting right?

Well it definitely was exciting but it was also very scary. Thankfully I have good teachers and suite mates.

I must admit that I cried A LOT this week. I have been so sad and I miss my boyfriend tons! Every time I am on Skype with him I cry because he is on a screen and not next to me.

People have been telling me that it will pass soon and it helps to get involved on campus. However, to be perfectly honest I have mostly been in my dorm because I have either been on Skype or doing homework haha. And believe me there has been a decent amount of homework. Step aside high school because college is INTENSE.

I have five main classes: public speaking, writing and research, intro to psychology, math and philosophy. As well as three others: core which is basically lectures and such, not 100% sure what it is because it doesn't start until the week after next, Freshman seminar and break out which is basically lecture and lab.

My teachers are very nice and interactive. My writing professor is very out there and I like having teachers that are actually engaging compared to boring teachers who just lecture at you all class long.