Saturday, March 26, 2016

10 Blog Post Ideas

It can happen to anyone. You go totally blank and can't think of anything to write about or content to put forth. So, for those times, here are 10 ideas to get you going again:
  1. Your current favorite movie, book, song, food, etc. Let us know what's going on with you.
  2. What's your vice? No one is perfect, this reminds us of that.
  3. Advice - if you are good at something or have gone through something tough recently, give us some tips from your experience.
  4. Worst movie ever, and how you would fix it.
  5. Give your opinion on a hot topic right now. (The elections, candidates, Kesha, to name a few.)
  6. Review your own blogging, give your reaction to old posts.
  7. Psycho-analyze yourself  based on your favorite movies, your book shelf, etc. (Read mine here)
  8. Top 10 played songs on your iPod, be honest!
  9. Tell me about your weird pet peeves, explain.
  10. Free write - just sit down and type what is on your mind. Edit as little as possible, and only afterwards.
Your turn! The final suggestion is to post your own ideas. Don't forget to leave me the link in the comments so I can check them out!

For further inspiration:
 - Daily Post at Wordpress has daily prompts and lots of helpful info.
 - My Pinterest idea board.