Monday, April 6, 2015

Finding a Baby Humming Bird!

So today when I got back to my friend's house (staying with my friend temporarily), I discovered her holding this little guy. Today when she was taking out the garbage, she found him on the ground and stayed with him for a while. Although the mother did come back, she unfortunately abandoned the poor thing!

(Sorry it is so dark! I will try to post a better picture later.)

So he is now snuggled up and warm inside of a box with tissues until the morning when we can take him to a bird sanctuary. My friend wants to keep him but sadly, especially as a baby, it will need a lot of nutrients and things we cannot provide if he hopes to be able to fly and live outside.

Interesting things we discovered today:
  1. It is actually a myth that if you pick up a baby animal and get your scent on it the mother will not want it any more. 
  2. If you find a baby bird, or animal before even thinking about keeping it, you will want to take that animal to the appropriate veterinary care facility to see if they need treatment or medical care. In the case of my little friend, he still can't fly, and if he continues to try without the nutrients he needs his bones wont develop correctly and could easily break something.
  3. Contact said local sanctuary or veterinary office to find out the correct steps you should take to care for the animal until you can get them over there.
  4. Treat them with care and love. If they lost their parents or were abandoned they are probably incredibly scared.
Hope you enjoyed and please keep this little guy in your thoughts and hope that he develops into a strong adult birdy!

<3 Kimmie